Plan Early For Your Child’s Perfect Smile

  • Help alleviate future orthodontic needs
  • Myobrace pre-orthodontic treatment helps your child’s teeth and jaws to grow naturally
  • Tailored solutions available for children ages 3-15 years

    What is Myobrace?

    Myobrace is an early orthodontic treatment best suited for children aged 3 to 15. It is a no-brace orthodontic system that works to eliminate the cause of crooked teeth, aligning teeth into their natural position and minimising the need for braces in the future. The treatment involves using a series of removable appliances designed to effectively train the tongue to stay in a correct position, retrain mouth and face muscles and apply light forces to straighten the teeth.

    Myobrace treatment encompasses both myofunctional therapy and early pre-orthodontic treatment. The first focuses on correcting aberrant oral habits such as mouth breathing, poor tongue positioning and incorrect swallow patterns that contribute towards narrow arches, crooked teeth and poor oral health. The latter helps develop the dental arches and assist in aligning the teeth in a holistic approach.

    Who is Myobrace suitable for?

    Myobrace delivers great results for a range of age groups.

    • Myobrace for Junior (3-6yrs)
    • Myobrace for teens (10-15yrs)
    • MyOSA sleep-disordered breathing & snoring
    • Myobrace for kids (6-10yrs)
    • Myobrace for adults (15+ yrs)
    • TMJ & teeth grinding appliances

    Straight teeth the natural way with Myobrace

    MyoDental Weybridge is proud to offer the innovative Myobrace orthodontic treatment right here in Weybridge. Focused on treating the underlying causes of crooked teeth, Myobrace allows for natural growth and development, for a straight smile often without the need for braces. Our highly skilled team has a wealth of experience in Myobrace for kids, which is a safe and effective, non-invasive treatment.

    The benefits of Myobrace

    • Straightens teeth
    • No permanent retainers
    • Comfortable and removable
    • Improves facial development
    • No need for teeth removal
    • Helps alleviate future orthodontic needs

    Your questions about Myobrace at MyoDental Weybridge

    How long does the Myobrace treatment take?

    The length of treatment is dependent on the child’s compliance and their biological ability to change habits, as well as growth patterns. Generally, the earlier treatment is started, the higher the level of success. Suggested treatment time with good compliance is generally two to three years.

    Will my child still need braces after the Myobrace treatment?

    Myobrace pre-orthodontic treatment helps your child’s teeth and jaws to grow naturally, to accommodate all their adult teeth. Braces are sometimes used at the end of treatment for a short while if perfect alignment is desired.

    When the treatment is complete, will my child’s teeth crowd up again?

    Your child’s dentist will closely monitor the stability of treatment. Generally, if the myofunctional problems are corrected, the teeth will stay in their position.

    Does treatment hurt?

    During the first few days of treatment there may be a small amount of sensitivity and slight discomfort. However, after the first few days of treatment, this should disappear.

    Treating the causes of child orthodontic problems

    Three out of every four children have crowded teeth and incorrectly developing jaws. These are often caused by bad oral habits, including:

    • Mouth breathing
    • Swallowing incorrectly
    • Wrong tongue position
    • Thumb / dummy sucking

    Rather than waiting until all adult teeth are present, early pre-orthodontic assessment is important for optimal face growth, a healthier smile and to prevent more serious dental problems later in life.

    Using a Myobrace

    The Myobrace treatment includes a removable appliance that looks like a mouthguard. This needs to be worn for an hour or two during the day and while sleeping every night for the duration of the treatment.

    While wearing the appliance, your child is encouraged to work on a series of short exercises that focus on breathing, position of their tongue, swallowing, and lip and cheek exercises. These activities are available on a fun Myobrace app, which we’ll show you how to download during your child’s appointment at our Weybridge clinic.

    By targeting the causes of crooked teeth, your child’s mouth and jaw are able to develop naturally, without the aid of braces.

    How Myobrace helps

    Myobrace helps your child

    • Breathe through their nose
    • Position their tongue correctly
    • Swallow correctly
    • Keep their lips together

    Spread the cost of treatment

    At MyoDental Weybridge we believe everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the confidence a straight smile brings. We are pleased to provide 0% finance for all orthodontic treatments, including Myobrace, to help make your dental care affordable and achievable.

    Our finance plans enable you to spread the cost into monthly payments that suit your own budget.