Included In The Myofunctional Evaluation

Swallow pattern
Tongue tie grading
Mallampati test
General dental examination
Orthodontic assessment
TMJ analysis
Full set of clinical photos
Digital scan of dentition

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Our fees reflect a high standard of care we provide and the level of investment made to provide you with ‘state of the art’ equipment, highest decontamination standards and best materials.


Myofunctional Consultation£150
Zoom Consultation£80
OPG x-ray (if recommended)£65
Lateral Cephalogram x-ray (if recommended)£100

Myobrace Treatment


The cost of the treatment is split up as follows:

Initial payment of £1700 at the start of the treatment
12 monthly payments of £100 by standing order
Duration of the treatment 12-18 months

Additional Appliances

Removable AppliancesStart from £800
ALF Appliance£1300



Fraenectomy (Child)

Lip Tie£395
Tongue Tie£395