The Myobrace System

The Myobrace®System is preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth in the growing child, often without the need for braces or extraction of teeth, unlocking natural growth and development. Treatment is best suited to children aged 3 to 15 and involves using a series of removable intra-oral appliances that are worn for 1-2 hours each day, plus overnight while sleeping and doing oral muscle exercises for the tongue, lips, cheeks and swallowing.


Symptoms Myobrace Treat

The benefits of Myobrace

Myobrace treatment does:

  • Correct poor oral habits
  • Develops & aligns the jaws
  • Straightens the teeth
  • Optimises facial development
  • Improves overall health
  • Promotes healthy eating habits

How the Myobrace works

The Myobrace helps the child:

  • Breathe through the nose
  • Correct tongue resting position
  • Swallow correctly (no lip movement)
  • Keep the lips together (mouth closed)

Using A Myobrace

The Myobrace System requires maximum compliance of the child. In addition to using the Myobrace daily for a minimum of 1-2 hours plus overnight while sleeping, we will recommend a series of myofunctional excercises called Myobrace Activities. These activities are on a Myobrace App which is available to all our patients to download.

The muscle exercises are performed daily for 2-4 minutes and are in groups and directed at each of the causes of the teeth and jaw problems. The Activities start with breathing exercises and finish with lip strengthening. Every exercise is linked, which means the order and emphasis may vary with the needs of the child and treatment progress.

It is very important that your child understands they have the greatest influence on their treatment outcome and the goals they need to achieve during their treatment.

What is myobrace Weybridge

Myobrace Parent/Patient Introduction

Myobrace treatment offered

Myobrace for Juniors (3-6 years)
Myobrace for kids (6-10 years)
Myobrace for teens (10-15 years)
Myobrace for adults (15+ years)
MyOSA for sleep-disordered breathing & snoring
TMJ & teeth grinding appliances

Experiences with Myobrace

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